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By Lee
Hey all!

Preseason of league will start today, s_fcdb will later post a command on how to use the bots for challenging teams and playing matches for EGBDL and EGETDL. EGFL preseason schedule has been updated and can bew viewed here ... 20#p502620. Also maps are ready, egfl map needs 1 base to be tiled, but will be ready for weekend, rest of maps can be viewed in ?go egbdl/ ?go egetdl

We have decided to change the squad signup rules, signups will last until end of preseason. This means squads can still be created and joined the league. They will not have an egfl games for preseason though, unless we actually get 2 new squads which i doubt. They can start playing egbdl/egetdl games though as soon as they have enough players on roster.
So ?go egal will be open for squad signups, players can be also added to rosters during preseason without any restrictions.
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By Lee
EEL wrote:Great! Just oneeeeee question, will the bd/egl be considered preseason or will we receive elo in full?
elo will be not counted towards final results, preseason games do not matter, its mainly to test that everything works with bots, connection with website etc, we will probably calculate elos anyways to see if it works, but they will be reset for main season.
By s_fcdb
Bots are up! Explanation of the commands can be found here:

When there are any busy or any additions u would like to see to bot let me know.
By amph
we broke the bot. when we reply !match.a it stopped responding.
if you have somone that is not registered on egal bot the bot will stop working
also it says that your own squad has challenged you.
sometimes it goes into the wrong areana it went to a egbd instead of egdbl or something like that there was a pub map in it.
By s_fcdb
Problems should be fixed
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