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By Ioth
Hello all,

I give to you, the best of 2011 results. In total, a number of 24 people have voted, thanks to everyone who participated.

Best player 2011
1) Zly 62% of votes
Zly, also known has Ursa/akino/Hawkeye/spartan has set history, winning the best player awad for the 3rd time! This year he played on grid, a team that mostly relied on good teamwork and communication. Zly however managed to be that one person who give his squad a push whereever it was needed. He also played a solid game during EGDL, where his team played a good game whenever he was around. Being capable of playing any position in a high level, zly has proven once more how good he really is.

GOLFER has made a huge progress this year, becoming one of the most deadliest anchor. I don't think I have ever seen anyone accumilate such an amount while being safe the entire time. GOLFER has proven himself this year in EGFL and EGDL, and people have noticed so, gg GOLFER.

3-4) blood_line/Aelderon
3rd spot was shared this year divided by two players. Blood_line has finally gotten recognition for his solid mfr-ing skills. Good mfr's where rare this year, so blood_line's award makes sense. Aelderon on the other hand was eel's right hand man on Grid, and always rocking it as a swing. He definatly played a vital part in their championships run

Best new player in top
1) GOLFER 36% of votes
GOLFER has improved this year from a mediocre anchor to a top anchor. His improvement was obvious and his title seems more then deserved.

2-3) Saberclawx/Muggy
Saberclawx was a relatively unknown pilot, until he got on Silence this year, and showed people he was more then the average pub player. Though he hasn't played too many games in EGFL, his display in other games definatly showed his worth. Muggy is totally different, he is a rare example of a player who has been around for some time without impressing anyone. This year though, he made a rise up to the high ranks of EG players, this was proven during Grid's EGFL run.

Most improved player
1) GOLFER 33% of votes
As said, GOLFER developed to a top anchor this year, and it went well-noticed.

2-3) Connie/saberclawx
Connie won the most underrated player last year. Seeming alot of people started noticing her skills, it's obvious it seemed like she had gone to a huge improvement. She has also been active the entire year, so obviously she improved a ton, it's good to see it has gotten noticed. Saberclawx as said has improved beyond the level of the average pub player.

1) Best squadleader
1) Eel 71% of votes
Eel has dominated this category, been easily the most dedicated squadleader this year. He has kept Grid at a high level and kept them motivated the entire season. This eventually led to their championship, and eel was the brain behind it.

2) Trance
Getting a pity spot, poor trance was to pickup the slack of Ill, where their original leader Bacon got banned from EG.

Best agressive attacker
1) Bombed 36% of votes
Bombed has always considered to be one of EG's best duelers. He stepped over to flagging a few years back, and really found a way to use his aim and dodging skills on attack.

2-3) Zly/trance
Another spot divided this year! Zly as said is a talent at any position, but being mostly used at attacked, it's only obvious he gets mentioned here. Trance is also a pretty well-rounded player, in his case though, his attacking skills stand out, resulted in a 2nd spot.

Best passive attacker
1) trance 39% of votes
As dangerous as trance is on the agressive side, he is also a force protecting his anchor. Letting no one past, anchor feel safer, when trance is on attack.

2) Knitex
Knitex has always ben recognized as one of EG's best players. This year during EGFL, he made a comeback. He is truely a killing beast, even on attack, yet his curse seems to have returned to him. :P

3) Kute
Kute is a hard-playing pilot, who expects nothing of himself but trying to be the best. This year he got close, with Grid using his skills on attack, kute has shown he is more then just some random on the offense.

Best agressive defender
1) Nugget 39% of votes
Nugget is another player who never really stood out. This year though he got the opportunity to play on the highest level on Grid. I doubt Grid ever doubted giving him a chance, cause he was lethal on defense.

2) Scan
Probably pissed at losing another league, scan gets a pity spot as 2nd best agressive swing. Always racking up a load of kills, he was the main man behind Ill's defense.

3) Sponger
Sponger makes a comeback this year as a swing after some time of absence. His playing showed he needed not much time to derust and was back on his level in a short time, this was seen during his performances on Silence this year.

Best passive defender
1) Dazz 59% of votes
Just like his fellow finn sponger, dazz has made a comeback to EG's competitive field. Being in the shadows of autopilot often, he was mostly considered to be the 2nd best swing. Now with ap out of the field there was nothing that could stop the D from winning this award, as he has been solid during his EGFL games.

As mentioned above, aelderon played a key part on Grid's defense

3) Dbz
Dbz has always had a connetion with Dazz on defense. This egfl proved how hard it is to push these 2 players, and the 3rd defender award goes to dbz.

Best freqleader
1) eel 50% of votes
As squadleader, it's obvious eel has done his share of freqleading. Grid was always solid in pickups with eel around, add and EGFL title with that and eel stands on top this year.

2) Kace
Kace had always been considered a valuable spechelper. This year he proved it once more, first on Next, then he join Silence for the late playoffs in an attempt to lead them to EGFL victory. Though it wasn't enough in the end, it probably would've been worse without kace around.

Best bomber
1) FEAR! 26% of votes
FEAR! has definatly made a name for himself as a javelin in pub

2-3) Muggy/Ioth
Muggy was also seen in a bombership from time to time, and I guess I got this spot for playing in lancaster alot.

Best enemy anchor
1) Sin 45% of votes
Sin has been outstanding this year. Coming from an average player to a nearly chokefree anchor in no time. He has been stable during EGDL and EGFL, keeping attack alive at all cost.

2-3) Muggy/Aristocracy
Two players who where forced to take enemy anchor positions due to a lack of fit players. They both did a fine job filling this spot whenever they had to, and people noticed, gg both.

Best fr anchor
1) GOLFER 67% of votes
GOLFER takes my title by clearly being dominant in this position

2) blood_line
After playing this position in proper fashion for quite some time, blood_line finally got the recognition he deserved with a 2nd spot.

3) Suicide Knight
Sk had to take a step back this year, with the coming of GOLFER and blood_line. Despite that she played a steady game whever she was around.

Best cloaker
1) Zly 60% of votes
Zly had always been known as a great cloaker. Even though it used to be a fully greened spider with flags to solo a base from 0%, zly has found a way to use the shark in regular combat aswell.

2) Trance
As one of the best attackers it's obvious this guy knows how to cloak aswell.

3) Muggy
We meet muggy again, who is also a fit shark.

Best reccer
AraCHnoFobiA 35% of votes
This guy was seen alot in pub, trying to get his recs up to the maximum. I hope I used the right capitals on his name. :P

Best dueler
1) Bombed 78% of votes
Bombed has been dominant as ever in duel. As his aim and dodging is unmatched, no one stands much of a chance against him.

Best basedueler
1) Trance 50%
As baseduel is highly attacking-orientated, trance's spot makes sense. He can also anchor if needed, giving him just that extra push to win him this title.

2) Connie
Just like trance, connie also knows how to anchor and rush. With a whoopin' 300ms as a weapon, it's hard to stop her from plowing to your safe.

Best frayer
1-2) Zly/pounder 50% of votes each
Both players have been seen fraying, either in pub, or when needed during matches.

Best racer
1) MracY 47% of votes
Though not being to active this year, he still holds the record in ?go baserace of 2:35:00.

2) King
King has always been a good racer, fast in every track, and virtually unbeatable in the stamina-based mm2.

Best teamelim player
1) Bombed 75% of votes
Just as in duel, Bombed is dominant as ever in teamelim.

2) Ragequit
As one of the few players who can stand up to Bombed, Ragequit takes a spot as one of the best teamelim players in EG.

Nicest player
1) Ioth 52% of votes
I'm so nice.

2) HYU
HYU is definatly a cheerful guy in EG. Whenever you see him feel free to have a chat with him, it shouldn't be a bother. :)

3) Wagon
I don't recall ever seeing Wagon talk bad about something or someone. Just a nice guy and good to have in our community.

Most underrated player
1) s_fcdb
In one of the most scattered votes, s_fcdb (more known as sören/soren) is definatly playing better then most people give him credit for.

2) Connie/Muggy/Tou
The underrated status of Connie and Muggy comes to question, given they're pretty present in these votes :) Tou though, is a great player, but in the shadows of his brother blood_line he never got the credit he deserved.

Worst squadleader
1-2) Bombed/Chewbot 29% of votes
Bombed has tried his luck at some squads in the past, but they never performed and dissolved quickly. This year was no different, when legendary never seemed to be motivated. Chewbot was a totally different story, being a well respected squadleader years back. He seem to have been stuck in the past, not being up-to-date with the current flagging standards, chewbot managed to fail both in EGFL and EGDL as a leader. Therefor, these 2 share the worst squadleader title this year.

3) F16
F16 was always motivated, but his controversial personality kept him from making his squads perform in the highest level.

Most overrated player
1) Karth 47% of votes
Karth was often seen as mfr for next, but irregular performances and chokes caused people to think he should've been on the bench instead

2-3) Combo/qs
Combo won the overrated award years back, then somehow managed to evolve his gameplay. Now that he has been more inactive, his rust seems to get the best of him, making him worse then people originally thought of him. Qs has also played EG at a high level for years, but his recent performances showed he's not the old qs anymore, giving him a spot in this category.

Biggest choker
1) Karth 62% of votes
As stated, karth managed to lose base more then once this year.

2-3) Suicide Knight/b00gyman
Even though allready becoming 3rd as mfr, some people managed to witness some chokes in sk's gameplay. Even though never being gamechanging, it was still seen by players. B00gyman also played a good year, but getting thored by a lanc in EGDL quarter finals was a mistake people still remember, hence this award.

Biggest asskisser
1) f16 78% of votes
F16 has a reputation of pming people to join his squad, pming people to recruit him to your squad, or just pm you to make friends. In anyway, f16's pming methods are considered to be quite asskissing, as he dominates this category.

2) Karth
Despite his reputation and performances, Karth still managed to get a starter spot on Next and his name on the moderator list, I wonder how?

Biggest squadhopper
1) Finite 53% of votes
Finite has left a bunch of squads for no apparent reason, including squad(s) he made himself.

2) Bombed
After Bombed realized he couldn't keep his squad up the level he wanted it to be, he decided to sneak out of to another squad.

Biggest Ego
1) Zly/Nao 29% of votes each
I guess you can't blame someone who won the best player award 3 times to think highly of himself. Nao on the otherhand is considered a Bacon-replica, who is also known to have a huge ego (4th this year by votes nominees)

3) Lee
As usual Lee manages to snag an award somewhere in the best of. This year he used his skills of self-admiring to do so, often in conflict with people about himself, this spot seems about right.

Biggest dramaqueen
1) Smoki 53% of votes
Smoki was in conflict with alot of people in EG. Any drama about skill, squads, league organisation, or just for fun, smoki seemed to enjoy tagging in on the ride.

2) Bacon
Always controversial in his behaviour, Bacon managed to top himself by being the first squadleader to get banned from EG during EGFL playoffs.

3) Finite
Finite was weird on the drama. At some points, he would go on flaming sprees, apologize, flamespree, apologize, etc etc. Include that with various attempts to get into EG's moderator system, and we have some fine drama.

Most annoying player
1) f16 56% of votes
Alot of people weren't entertained by f16's endless pming

TheCript was involved in alot of shittalking this year, which leader to the annoyance of alot of people.

Best squad
1) Grid 57% of votes
Just as most years, the best squad is the EGFL champions. Other then that Grid has also been one of the most active and dominating squads in pickups.

2) Ill
Even with dissapointing results, Ill was considered to have the best roster this year. therefor, they where considered one of the best.

Worst squad
1) Grieve 63%
Grieve was supposed to be Chewbot's comeback after doing an abysmal job during EGDL. Many people though foretold that Grieve would be just as bad. With bad performances and an early dropout in EGFL, this became a truth according to most people.

2) Legendary
Legendary was the product of Bombed that didn't live up to any expectation, not even staying alive for EGFL.

Best game
1) EGFL finals game 2: Grid vs Silence - Grid wins 40% of votes
This game being the decisive game this EGFL, it was considered the best.

2) EGFL semi finals game 3: Ill vs Silence - Silence wins
During a long game, the underdog pulled through. Many people where suprised, and enjoyed it for sure.

Best changes in EG
1) Organised and constant league structure/Scheduled pickups 31% of votes for each
The league structure has been renewed, and people seem to have good hopes for it. Scheduled pickups also made a return to EG, to alot of favour of it's players.

Worst changes in EG
1) Lack of squads 44% of votes
Many people hated the lack of squads, and the lack of competition it brought with it.

2) Decline of zone
The zone's population has been declining for years, this year has only been worse. Can anything be done about it?

That's all folks, thanks for reading, bye :]
Only player to win 3+ leagues this year: Finite (GG) <3 pi good read.
PAT wrote::[
Only player to win 3+ leagues this year: Finite (GG) <3 pi good read.
Who fuck is finite
Wagon wrote:Finite = Acid Rain
= me :[ doh mcii...
PAT wrote:
Wagon wrote:Finite = Acid Rain
= me :[ doh mcii...
Rifl I havnr logged in since egdl how would I know
MCI wrote:
PAT wrote:
Wagon wrote:Finite = Acid Rain
= me :[ doh mcii...
Rifl I havnr logged in since egdl how would I know
Who's fault is that? ....
MCI wrote:Rofl qs getting old
Sucker hhahahahah
am drunk on Vday! hi mci! hahahahaha damn that other post i didnt even know i made. beer > everything!!! motivations lols...
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MCI wrote:Rofl qs getting old
Sucker hhahahahah
am drunk on Vday! hi mci! hahahahaha damn that other post i didnt even know i made. beer > everything!!! motivations lols...
mexico? thats how

rofl hi get on game loco

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