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By Lee
Currently you are both under min vp limit, which means that if u will not have min 150 vp per squad by the time weekend games start, other team can penalize you. For each vp under min bid, opposition team can forcespec one of your players for game.
Currently drauma+ has 145 vp , which means 5 players can be benched, its even worse with melon, currently at 139.
There are still free agent bids running, so i suggest you cut the slack and be active there.
By PeeJay
azela when u mfr.. you remind me of a Dev bot that backs up as enemy gets closer. Stationary bling skills teach me plz. When you attempt to mfr its more like SBLFR (stationary bombline).
By s_fcdb
All squads are within limits for week 3. So no penalties will be given.
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