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By Lee
All who want to GM in EGFDL please respond with following:
previous experience in leading:
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alias(es): eel aka eeli manning
previous experience in leading: Smashing newbie shit squads EGFL CHAMP
Grid Leader
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By Dre
I will be GM

experience? lol
Dre Day

was captn of the most feared squad in SS: Lord pure utter domination
By dtiss
withdrew my name, no longer think i can commit to the extra time.
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I don't think I have enough time to be gm this year. I know I said I would but I honestly don't think I'll be able to with everything that's going on irl atm. Sorry :[[[
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By voids
-EGFDL squad name FukQ
-willing to organize official practice and select vps roster correctly for each match and only picking serious players
- in it to win
Agro! wrote:Alias: Agro
Previous experience: was GM like 5yrs ago and ran some shit squads
By Demokillerz

GM of Gaybirds, won egedl.... pleanty of experience with almost every top squad.
BLACK wrote:Black

Past GM in egdl Dyno-MITE
You signing up twice now rofl?
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