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By Mangled
alias in game (what you gonna use in the league): MANGLED
any other known aliases (all who dont reveal those will be removed from league): no active alias.
previous squads/achievements in EG: NONE
timezone (euro/aussie/asian/us east/us west/smth else): EURO
By Bacon
(hope im allowed to play cuz i didnt post all my information)
By Darren
ninja squirrel

By Bai
alias in game (what you gonna use in the league): Bai
any other known aliases (all who dont reveal those will be removed from league):Cip, notBai
previous squads/achievements in EG: Structure, Fever
timezone (euro/aussie/asian/us east/us west/smth else):Pacific
By Dona
Alias: Dona
Past alias: HySter!A
Past squads: KOTH
Central European Time Zone
By Unforsaken
Alias: Unforsaken
Past squads: Kinda new to EG, but prac'd a bit in Structure and EGBDL/EGEDL American Girls
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By dreownsu
est (gmt-5)
By Wiggly&Jiggly
alias in game: wiggly & jiggly
any other known aliases: none
previous squads/achievements in EG: none
timezone: est
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By Square Apple
By PeeJay
Past squads: Hammerbros,eveforce,exalt,wanted,oddeon,arboreal,grid,ill
Positions: rusher,swings,flananc,nme anc,flex, mfr if needed
Timezone: Houston tx duno what time zone
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