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Extreme Games Flagging Draft League 2012

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By Lee
Following is a small overview of what is there to expect and drive for, for different teams:

1) Drauma +
Drauma+ have already secured playoff spot for this league and are only team going undefeated so far. They have 2 more games to go and only losing both of them will make them drop from top 2 teams and a direct spot to semifinals. Those 2 games are against So Brave and Melon Mashers, not the shiniest performers so far in this league, so main season seems to have been a success for them.
If Drauma loses those 2 games, the lowest they can drop is 3rd position, as So Brave and Wrecktum still have a game between themselves to play and even if that ends as a tie, Drauma has advantage over Wrecktum.

2) Wrecktum

It has been up and down season for this squad, with some good wins, yet their actity is a big questionmark and no-show losses definitely hurt the team morale. As surprising as it may be, 2nd ranked team can still drop out from playoffs with just 2 weeks of game to play. This really shows how equal this league has been. All it takes is for them to lose their last 2 games and other games ending in unfavorable way. It could very well be, that even 10 points will not secure passage for playoffs, so Wrecktum should at least win one of their remaining games vs Bossy and So Brave
On a positive note, they can still even win main season, if Drauma manages to get no more then 1 point from their last 2 games.

3) So Brave
One of the most reliable teams to have a good show, So Brave has now won 2 of their last games, although everything has not been perfect. Their 3 wins have come so far at last possible second vs Zombie, vs non-showing Smash and dead last team Melon Mashers. Last 2 games they have to play vs the only 2 teams ahead of them in rankings, which should show their real strength and ability in this league.
Similar to Wrecktum, also So Brave can drop from league, many teams below them have head-to-head advantage vs them and if they fail to score vs Drauma and Wreck, they could be still out

4) Zombie

Zombie is at pretty secure spot now. With 7 points and 1 replayable game vs Melon still at hand, they could actually be ranked second in league for now. They still have a shot at winning the season or at least being among top 2. Their last 3 games are vs predictably weaker teams. Vires has noshowed to 2 games already, Smash Trash is also lacking in acitvity and Melon is the dead last team in league. So Zombie may be looking at 9 more points, which could end their season with 16 points, a number only Drauma is capable of beating if they win their games.
Zombie can of course still also drop out from league, if he fails to beat those opponents.

5) Smash Trash
Team which was predicted to follow the footsteps of Melon and drop from league has made a sudden turnaround and taking a noshow win vs Vires has made them once again a favourite to compete for playoff spots. Having very unstable season, they now must prove their worth vs Melon Mashers and then against Zombie. They are perhaps overaly reliable on Bacon to show, but noone can deny their chances, if he actually appears. Its gonna be tough fight for playoff spots for this team nethertheless

6) Vires

Vires had a really good start of season, which has now turned into a nightmare. 3 consequtive losses, 2 of them from noshows are clear indication that this team has either given up or in deep inner trouble. By the looks of it, they are perhaps the main favourite to follow Melon by not making it to playoffs. Their last 2 games are against direct opposition in Zombie and Bossy, both teams eager to improve their current position. Next week vs Zombie could be defining moment for Wildbirds team, either make it or not.

7) Bossy

Perhaps the biggest dissapointment for this season. Being considered one of the biggest favourites to win this league, Bossy has struggled and not really impressed in any game so far. Roster that trance has picked is not the most active one, several of his early round picks have turned inactive and without them, they lack strength. They are as it is currently, out of playoffs, game vs Wrecktum will be huge for them, direct fight vs Vires on last week perhaps the deciding game on which of those 2 teams will make it. It is interesting to see, if they can still turn their season around

8) Melon Mashers

Melon has still all the possibilities to make it to playoffs, as strange as it sounds from the team, which has not not only won any game, but barely attacked, being forced to full defense, in almost all of their games so far. Demos top players are rusty and inactive, rest of team seems uninterested apart from a few. They stil have 3 games to play though, vs Smash Trash, which will be huge for them, then replayed game vs Zombie and last round match vs Drauma. Not really an easy task, but one has to bare in mind, that stranger things have happened. They can hope that they beat Smash Trash, Smash will tie vs Zombie then and that Zombie loses to Vires and to Melon in that replayed game. IN that case Melon can make it. Its also possible if the teams at 6 points now dont win their games and tie instead. Melon can still score 9 points!
By Saber
3 consequtive losses.
Nice spelling lee
Would have liked a little more elaboration on how you think playoffs will go but otherwise good read
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By Lee
Saber wrote:3 consequtive losses.
Nice spelling lee
Would have liked a little more elaboration on how you think playoffs will go but otherwise good read
hey it was 2 am, its impossible to elaborate on this as its so close, any team can still make it, not to mention how the final standings would look like.
Azela wrote:As I have said from the very start of this league, it all depends on the show. The league table is entirely missleading, any team can beat any other on a given day depending on who shows up so anything can happen. I am fortunate to have an active squad who are doing work to win this league. We're looking forward to the challenges that await us with confidence that we can progress.

Our next match is against drauma, they've done quite well in the league but I don't think they've faced a good show yet, it will be a test for both squads, I expect.

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By Lee
konii wrote:should've just went with 6 teams instead of 8

nope, 6 teams would have been utterly boring, i think partly down to low shows this league has been one of the most equal leagues ever (apart from melon, but i hope they still have time to come around)
By Kuppaaja
Equal maybe, but pretty boring league it seems. So many no shows/poor shows from many teams. Hope it gets better in playoffs.
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By Lee
Kuppaaja wrote:Equal maybe, but pretty boring league it seems. So many no shows/poor shows from many teams. Hope it gets better in playoffs.
yea thats the case though, those noshows have come from big variety of teams, one week team can have a good show, another have 4 showing up. Noone can say that with 6 teams it would have been different.
There are many things which have influenced activity, d3 for example, also busy times before summer holidays, also GMs for sure, an active GM can keep his squad also active.
By Optimal
My whole team has been active before the draft, after week 1 activity dropped however. and no other gm have been very difficult in trading active players. Some players also go inactive without notice. You cant blame people getting caught up with live as they get older. It does however influence the quality of games being played due to important players to a team not showing up.

Vires has everything an EGDL finalist needs, but activity has been fairly poor after week 1. I hope we get a good show the last 2 weeks and make playoffs. It would be a shame if we didnt.
By Trance
Im very dissapointed with my team, my top picks really dont show. Think ive played one game with scan/sponger both showing. Also where the fuck is the heard coord res dog rofl, picked him cus i was 99% sure he would be active...

Im satisfied with my low picks though, they really fight hard to win and show to pretty much every game. Mangled, nubby, Light, Bazib, s_fcdb.
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Damn trance rofl res dog damn man I feel sorry for you.
Talk about the scan curse.

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