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By Wiggly&Jiggly
Azela wrote:All games would be played between 1pm and 4pm est
Hmmm I feel like most US players won't be able to show to those games. Work/school/distractions
If it is 3-6pm est on wednesdays then ill play the league.
By aristocracy
azela wtf are you saying? how can you expect US PST players to show on Wednesdays at 1-6 EST? I have work everyday M-F.... change the times.
By establishment
so we scratched the squad A-squad B thing? thats too bad.

also, fuck the waiting list, let Belieber in, the more the merrier.
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By fate*
The thing is belieber signed up before both octavian and virus so i dont even know why we're on the waiting list. Still assuming this is a joke, or you can just call this league now and hand us the ring
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By mattyoung
no aussies/asians even play anymore. no need to accommodate that time zone anymore
By Optimal
st will enter 2 teams if its needed for belieber to get in the league. pretty gay shit that a dueling squad like octavian gets pre over belieber. sounds bias to me.
By nunnnez
rip EG

RIP- thanks for the memories, I had a blast. Any[…]

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