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By Rek
This won't work for everyone, but it's helped 3/3 people so far that I've spoken to.

The problem:
You're on wifi and are experiencing high PL in Extreme Games (or in any zone) not allowing you to play.

When the solution usually fits:

You live in an apartment, or close to neighbors that have wifi. Or you're in an area that has a lot of private and public wifi networks broadcasting.

Change the channel your wifi broadcasts on. This can be done by logging into the admin interface on your modem/router. Google your router's brand/model "admin interface" to see how to access it (usually by visiting or or If you've never visited this page before, it's most likely going to be a default username and password (which you can also google). Once you've logged in, find the section that manages your wireless settings -- be aware you may need to click "advanced" for additional settings. Look for a field called "Channel" or "Wireless Channel". Most often this is set to "auto" or "1". Try changing it to another channel like 8 or 9, apply the settings and then restart your router.

This took me from about 4% PL to .3% on wifi. For netban it took him from around 12% PL down to .7%.

Hope this helps!
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By Rek
Changed from "auto" to channel 9 on his wifi.

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Bot-EG-Pub> [ afghaN ] C:380  A:110  H:400  PL:1.6 [S2C 1.6 C2S 0.7] WPL:-0.3 SpC:0.0 [S2C 0.0 C2S 0.0] SpT:0.0 [S2C 0.0 C2S 0.0] 0.00s-old 
Code: Select all
Bot-EG-Pub> [ afghaN ] C:30  A:30  H:50  PL:0.0 [S2C 0.0 C2S 0.0] WPL:0.0 SpC:0.0 [S2C 0.0 C2S 0.0] SpT:0.0 [S2C 0.0 C2S 0.0] 1.78s-old 
Idk how it's so significantly better... but it is.
By 5150Case
I was having major PL and dc'ing issues on my laptop running windows 7, and thought it was cause my ISP, but as it turned out I did some reading into what everything meant and did in my Wireless Network Adapter Advanced settings, and found out that Fragmentation Threshold, and RTS Threshold have a lot to do with packet size and traffic i guess, cant hurt to try this and if it doesnt help you can just put the settings back to what they where. Go to network and sharing center - change adapter setting - right click your wireless network connection adapter and go to property's, and then configure and click the Advanced tab. Under Fragmentation Threshold the default value should be 2346, and under RTS Threshold the default value should be 2347. I changed fragmentation threshold to 2307 and RTS threshold to 2306. Then under IBSS 54g(tm) Mode i changed it from auto to 802.11b only. Also one other thing that might help that worked for me with all this was i had both IPv4 and IPv6 connections on so since you dont really need IPv6 yet if you have IPv4 I again went to Wireless network connection property's and unchecked the internet protocol version 6 ( TCP/IPv6) box. Then i also went into device manager and clicked the network adapters and disabled any i wasnt using or dont need. Go to view then click show hidden devices as well and right click the WAN Miniport (IPv6) and disable it. After months and many hours on the phone with comcast, getting a new modem/router sent and many many other things google and forums suggested trying this was what finaly worked for me and havnt had a problem once so far. Again not promising anything but its worth trying out cause u can always set things back the way they where.
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By TheDruid-3X3
Awens to All:

Lately, I have been having so much trouble with Lag that it is Incredible!

When I log into EG, I always get Specked For Lag almost immediately. I have to sit there for about 10 to 15 minutes for the Lag to clear itself and then I am able to Play.

Also, yesterday, I had some Weird Malfunctions with my Computer.

Last Night after Work, I was playing away and my Computer suddenly went into Stand By Mode.

Then a while I was in the Great Base Duel Battle that GLYDE recruited me into, my Computer suddenly Crashed.



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