The final EGL tourney details are below.  You can see match results at ANY time by clicking on “EGL 2016” in the right sidebar of the homepage.


April 23rd [PRE SEASON]

Fade/Bury vs Lego | 1:00pm EST
Death vs Too Fresh | 1:30pm EST
Grid vs HOW MAD!? | 2:00pm EST

April 30rd

Lego vs. Warsong | 1:00pm EST
HOW MAD!? vs Fade/Bury | 1:30pm EST
Grid vs. Death | 2:00pm EST

May 7th

Warsong vs Too Fresh | 1:00pm EST
Lego vs HOW MAD!? | 1:30pm EST
Fade/Bury vs Death | 2:00pm EST

May 14th

HOW MAD!? vs Warsong | 1:00pm EST
Grid vs Too Fresh | 1:30pm EST
Death vs Lego | 2:00pm EST

May 21st

Warsong vs Grid | 1:00pm EST
HOW MAD!? vs Death | 1:30pm EST
Too Fresh vs Fade/Bury | 2:00pm EST

May 28th

Death vs Warsong | 1:00pm EST
Fade/Bury vs Grid | 1:30pm EST
Lego vs Too Fresh | 2:00pm EST

June 4th

Warson vs Fade/Bury | 1:00pm EST
Grid vs Lego | 1:30pm EST
HOW MAD!? vs Too Fresh | 2:00pm EST

June 11th

FINAL TOURNAMENT – Seeds based on regular season performance.