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Download Subspace Continuum on Steam

Your favorite classic multiplayer game is on Steam for FREE. Coming up on our 20th year since release, Subspace has become a nostalgia classic since the launch of the game in December 1997. Choose from six exciting zones to play (including our favorite, Extreme Games), each all a different game objective and settings. Meet with a vivid community, and see why some of our players have been friends for decades. Download Subspace Continuum for FREE on...

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The Return of Flag Protection

We want to thank everyone who played while we experimented with taking away flag protection. The results were productive, but in the end the changes did not affect the outcome of pub flagging like we wanted. So now the flagging you know and love is back, along with the return of thors. One Flag: Progress on OneFlag pub is still in the works, and should roll out later this year. Hope you all had a great New...

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