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Baseduel is BACK!

05/20/2016 – Pub Setting Changes: Center Safe have been moved to the bottom of the map. You can now anti all you want in center. To get in on the action, simply fly outward from safe zone to get warped. Base duel is now being tested in public arena. Currently there is a known bug that swaps winner/losers. Base duel will only be available for freqs 10 and above. Freqs 0 – 9 WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO...

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EGL 2016 Schedule

The final EGL tourney details are below.  You can see match results at ANY time by clicking on “EGL 2016” in the right sidebar of the homepage. SCHEDULE April 23rd [PRE SEASON] Fade/Bury vs Lego | 1:00pm EST Death vs Too Fresh | 1:30pm EST Grid vs HOW MAD!? | 2:00pm EST April 30rd Lego vs. Warsong | 1:00pm EST HOW MAD!? vs Fade/Bury | 1:30pm EST Grid vs. Death | 2:00pm EST May 7th Warsong vs Too Fresh | 1:00pm EST Lego vs HOW MAD!? | 1:30pm EST Fade/Bury vs Death | 2:00pm EST May 14th HOW MAD!? vs Warsong | 1:00pm EST Grid vs Too Fresh | 1:30pm EST Death...

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Flag at me BRO!

Folks took to pub in FORCE today to try out the new slots.  Needless to say the game was a bit CRAZY as we continue to fine tune slots.  !buy.s KING BOB seemed to be quite popular.  Hope everyone gets a chance to come check out some of the latest changes! Team Victory! Reward: 12606288 points +—————————————————————————————————–+ | Winners Jackpot( 12606288) Game Time:03h 39m 39s | | Name Squad W L TK G R FL FK FS FD FT DT DG AT ATT| |—————————————————————————————————–| |mosi PER$IAN 431 224 19 0 1.83 25 24 21 20 881 556395 1092842 261...

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