Flag at me BRO!

Big Games

Folks took to pub in FORCE today to try out the new slots.  Needless to say the game was a bit CRAZY as we continue to fine tune slots.  !buy.s KING BOB seemed to be quite popular.  Hope everyone gets a chance to come check out some of the latest changes! Team Victory! Reward: 12606288… Continue Reading

The Return of Flag Protection

Extreme Games Flagging

We want to thank everyone who played while we experimented with taking away flag protection. The results were productive, but in the end the changes did not affect the outcome of pub flagging like we wanted. So now the flagging you know and love is back, along with the return of thors. One Flag: Progress on… Continue Reading

Updates to Pub Arena


Jackpot: Every unique player which enters a ship will add 2 EGC to the jackpot. The players of the winning team will divide the total EGC jackpot evenly. Players can donate to the jackpot with !jp.d a:<amount> Players can challenge someone else to donate to the jackpot. If the person accepts, the challenger will pay… Continue Reading

Subspace on VICE Motherboard!


Digital distribution platforms like Steam are supporting games that we’d never play if they had to be pressed to a disc, but even in this brave new world of tiny games about building bridges and dating pigeons, Subspace Continuum still stands out as an oddity. The 2D, multiplayer spaceship combat game, which hit Steam on… Continue Reading